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About Us

Hello, we are Card Affairs.
Established 2014 – Mumbai

A Literary Affair

Our concept is based on bringing back the era of handwritten Messages.
We obviously love our smart phones with a convenient option to type and likewise copy paste our feelings! Oh and let’s not forget the screenshot games.
Card Affairs is all about taking that tiny effort to write and shower our loved ones with special, funny, smart, wicked affectionate messages.
From crazy awkward one liner’s to emotional expressions, we help you present your loved ones, the brightest smiles, loudest laughter and a creative treat for the eyes.

Chasing our dreams with pretty little themes. Turning weekday blues into beautiful shades of hue. Colors, cards, product theories thus reviving old memories. Bringing smiles to be shared across miles.

We have been best friends for as long as we can remember. We had our own individual career aspirations and pursued the same post graduation.Creativity in terms of designing and content has always our lookout. Initially our struggle involved identifying a need which would give us a direction to focus creative content on. And what better than the booming trend of customization.

But wait there has to be something more,there is always something more to the story. Ours was, “Hey why don’t we send out greeting cards anymore? Why don’t we receive greeting cards anymore? With this we had decided our focus and direction, “Card Affairs”. The start was as good as shooting an arrow in the dark, the response though made us realize we hit the right mark!

Starting off with Handwritten greetings we have evolved into customization,Branding, Gifting and we have a lot more ground to cover. After All, #wedesignwhatyoulove



One Stop Pick Up

  • Cards
  • Notebooks / Planners
  • Mugs
  • Badges / Magnets
  • Phone Covers
  • Frames
  • Bookmarks

Personalized Gifting

Your thought, Our Effort. We’re the personalization queens!


Branding and Design Solutions

  • We help you give an identity to your brand in terms of logo, visiting cards and other collaterals.
  • We also cater to individual requirements such as e invites, save the dates, and graphic design solutions.

Shaadi Shenanigans

From wedding logos, wedding stationery, hampers we do it all.



We always judge a gift by its cover.


Social Media, Graphics Only

We make your Facebook and Instagram feed look pretty!

“In a world full of whatsapp & status updates, here we are trying to bring back the good old days of “Handwritten cards”. The sheer magic of penning down your feelings on a peice of paper will never get old. So write that Thank you note, express your feelings & post that letter. Love is best expressed when it’s handwritten, not every message is special with Arial, font size 10.”

– Saman & Sanchi,
Co-founders / Best Friends

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