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10 times greeting cards can justify your feelings

10 times greeting cards can justify your feelings
September 11, 2016 hiadmin
In greeting cards

Feel it? Like it? But just can’t express it!?

Have a look at these super cute cards which help you express the butterflies in your stomach, the sweet joy and that urge to do the happy dance when you are around your special someone!


1) LC-SKU35

Off to a good start with this one
When you have successfully crossed the fear of being friend-zoned but it’s still too soon to say the three magical words. You can undoubtedly go for a subtle word play with this one!
Girls – If you are at the receiving end of this cutie, you are definitely more special to him than you thought
Boys – If you are on the receiving end of this! You must have done something right.

2) LC-SKU22

I think about you, i want you, i miss you, i love you already?

Oh the mid night conversations, the good morning texts, that smile which you can spot from a mile, the blush that is better than branded make up and simply the joy of having the other person around. Sometimes we need to express the right feeling at the right time with the right effort.


Make way for Grammar Nazi

Because, that couple over “there”, they’re now together since a long long time, discussing their future, must have paid attention in school.  Things that you didn’t care about in school can come back to haunt you! Plus it is perfect for sarcastic couples (in the making)



Yes you are! Any questions?


7 billion people and you want just this 1 special person. When it’s time, it is time to make it super cute and super special. Let this compliment your feelings.

6) LC-SKU15

When in doubt, don’t explain. You don’t owe explanations towards your feelings, you owe them these reassurances!

7) LC-SKU07

When a few days are converted into hours and minutes of missing “U”. Vacationing without the other? Just let them know they are being missed, follow it up with drunk calls!

8) LC-SKU24

You are home to me. To make up after the first fight and all the following ones.

9) LC-SKU38

When you are comfortable enough to exchange sarcastic giggles with each other.  (basically when you are out of gifts, this is a happy alternative too)

10) LC-SKU32

I wanna grow old with you. When you have analyzed how incomplete your life would be without having your other half to play Scrabble, cook food, share stories, discuss movies, correct grammatical errors, indulge in sarcastic word play and share every happy sad moment together. This one is a promise of a lifetime.

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