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Consistency. It is a concept we automatically relate to monotony, boredom and lack of excitement. 

Sometimes we fail to understand how this one word, with such little value in our lives, adds so much to our success or failure. There are tons of examples where we fail to understand why we failed, how we managed to succeed or when that moment came and went where we made the choice to stick on or move on.

Just as easy as it was to enrol ourselves to the gym, to want that perfect booty or those 6 pack abs. But a week into it, failure is what we see instead of progress. 

We bought all the protein supplements, fixed our diet – eat right for 6 days and binge on Sundays, soon enough it turns to 1 day eat right, 6 day binge.

There was a presentation to be completed but there was this really “important” party we had to attend. A party where we’d just say hi and leave, but instead we ended up saying hello to the Sun, and goodbye to the ppt.

It’s the same story over and over. It was a week or two or maybe a month that we stuck on to something. We tried. But then it just fizzled out like the last Bumble date. Simply because a major chunk of the problem was us not being able to stick to the plan for long, to hang on and see it through. The distractions were so much more interesting and consistency became too boring and prolonged

We couldn’t go to the gym because we were out partying late. We had a presentation to finish on priority so there was no time to follow the diet or have a decent time with your loved ones as the stress had just piled on. And the battle begins, from one day to one week till we manage to get a hold and set things right. It’s a circle of adding, dragging, restructuring ourselves and losing control

Consistency is the key that holds our determination to fall in line together. It makes sure our motivation to see more sunrises. The routine strictly followed, the job well done, the weight loss, love and all the good things. The key basically is to make consistent efforts to achieve our goals. Without this our determination will just be Instagram quotes and status updates such as Procrastinating. How I wish procrastination was not a glorified concept. It’s cool online but offline it really isn’t cool, it's giving you stress boils and hairfall.

Finish the work you must do, move on to the next thing on time and so on. Have good days, finish your tasks, stick to the routine, and achieve small goals so the big one doesn’t feel like moving a mountain. And then relax, give yourself a break, have fun. The break will definitely feel like a break and guess what consistency won’t be so boring then!

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