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How to stay away from toxic people

I don’t remember how many times have I asked myself “why do I know such toxic people”

Although toxic peeps aren’t necessarily bad people, they’re just not in tune with your vibe. They just don’t vibe with you. And at some point in time we all have indulged in toxic behaviour. Defining toxicity is a tad difficult as I personally choose to believe – Your fun could be toxic for someone. Someone’s romance could be toxic for you. Some may find some one’s eating habits toxic and so on. And when you simply can’t cut off with people especially if they’re family or friends who matter most, learn to stay away from their toxicity.  Maybe use these harmless tricks the next time?

  1. If it’s your family member you find toxic – Here you definitely can’t avoid them for the rest of your life but you may limit your interaction with them. Or understand what it is that puts you off and establish your boundaries nicely without damaging the relationship. Take the road less travelled, even though it’s too much work. Just take it.
  2. Peeps in dramatic relationships – Oh this is some real stress. Because you don’t want to listen to them but you can’t say no. SAY NO. They’re going to get back to their respective partner after you advised them not to for the 100th time. Please invest your time in building healthy relationships, yourself, work etc. Enough of cigarette, whiskey and breakup gyaan.
  3. Shopaholics – How to avoid them? If you don’t have the budget to splurge..cut their calls. You don’t need to feel bad about not owning a Rust coloured pants. YOU DON’T NEED THEM ANYWAY.
  4. Controversy follows them everywhere – You don’t need to.
  5. Worriers – They have a task list of worries and sometimes their anxiety can be contagious. No don’t ignore them, It’ll just add on to their list. Find the best way to communicate, let them know you still love them but you love yourself too to not put up with their toxic habits.
  6. The Ex – Gather all the strength you need here, stay away from vodka and remember they’re your ex for a reason. You’ll be fine.

This is it. Tell me if you know more!

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