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Maintaining work life balance

With everything that went downhill in 2020, work from home seemed like the much required joy we looked forward to. And ofcourse joy it was – working in Pj’s; logging in at 7am going back to sleep at 7:05 am only to start work at 11am; Enjoying a hot mom-made rajma chawal meal; sipping tea with family; oh the little joys work from home brought.  Finally we could balance our schedule and bring about the changes in our everyday routine we always planned to but never could. 

And it was beautiful while it lasted. But wait it’s still going on and it’s 2021! We’ve tried dalgona coffee (loathed it), we played ludo, we enjoyed not meeting people, meditation videos, participated in online weddings, birthdays, funerals. With the trends moving super quickly, WFH has managed to stick around and completely distort our initial idea of balance.

Since the beginning of 2021, we’ve all secretly wished for WFH to end. Just as easily it came with comfort the work pressure managed to pour in. Ruin our sleep cycles, tickle anxiety further, take away family time, we’re now busier than ever and underpaid busy. Not knowing when it’s going to end there is a dire need to focus on setting boundaries with work. Here are some tips that will work

  1. Choose your timings – You can be an early riser or a night owl. You can’t do both. Find out what suits you the best and try to stick to it
  2. Set boundaries with work – Outline your tasks every morning and be realistic about completing them within work hours. Replying to an email the next day is completely alright.
  3. Speak to your senior – Frankly discussing the job stress, work anxiety due to long working hours should be given a thought. Prioritising mental-physical health is the need of the hour.
  4. Exercise & Meditation – We all know about this. We all know how important it is to keep anxiety, stress away. We all got to do it
  5. Take up a hobby – Find a hobby. Even better to take up a hobby with your spouse, girlfriend/boyfriend, sibling, parent. It can be cooking, painting, learning a musical instrument online etc
  6. Relax, Reboot, Recharge – If you don’t feel good it’s normal to take a day off. Work on yourself first. You’ll get back to work with greater energy
  7. Zen mode – Constantly checking social media increases anxiety. During work hours, use zen mode on your phone every 2 hours for 20 minutes. This will keep you focussed on work and help reach your goals faster. 

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