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Road to perfection

The perfect life seems to have become the new adrenaline chase for us all. If we look around we realise different people are fighting different battles at the added expense of being perfect at everything they try to achieve. Most of it is obviously fuelled by the social jungle. Everything we do, we own, our relationships have to look so good even though they may not feel good. Sometimes it makes me think if our need for perfection is also pushing us to be more materialistic?

When we were growing up, owning the latest smartphone was a dream. Now that we own the latest smartphones, we’re dreaming of the unbelievably great life we see of others on our smartphones.

If we’re craving a cup of hot chocolate, it has to be from a very famous café. It has to be so perfect that we’ve got the right outfit and the right pinteresty picture. If we’re travelling to the Maldives, it’s about the perfect outfits, the perfect villa, and the dreamy sunset while all our beautiful moments simply pass by us. 

Our perfection is in these moments that we lose, without realizing their loss. It’s in small things and maybe smaller moments. There are so many undefined moments of pure bliss that are simply it. But instead, we’re running around chasing an idea of a moment (perfection) that in reality doesn’t exist. It in fact costs us our time, energy and mental wellbeing.

The beauty of perfection is that we will find it as soon as we learn to accept the impermanence of it. Maybe the hot chocolate wasn’t so good but the conversation with our friend was amazing. Travelling to the Maldives with the special someone was perfect, the sunsets might or might not follow. The date didn’t go as planned but the hair looked great. If only we would stop, bask in that moment when perfection was achieved, only to know that it won’t last. That flaws, mistakes and disappointment are inevitable.

After pulling all the stops to get everything right all the time, if we don’t enjoy the journey, then we definitely don’t have the patience to enjoy the outcome. 

How about we stop for a day and let things flow the way they do, let’s not fix anything, let’s not save anything. I’m sure it won’t turn out all bad, if not all good. We might even get what we actually want without all the unnecessary stress. We might enjoy our days, surprised by the peace we have. We may take some time to appreciate the imperfection of it all but hey it’s a start in the right direction! 

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