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Sprucing up the work desk

I do my best creative thinking in the shower and the best daydreaming at my work desk. 

Daydreaming sometimes, kicks off a creative idea and sets the mood for a fresh goal. After a nice “ideating session shower, I get started with some very “productive” work.

With the current situation the fun that working from home last year was now has moved to a never ending monotony.

There are some of us who have the luxury of taking off and just working from wherever the heart wishes to.

For the rest of us, there is 'the chair', a humble home to the unworn creased clothes. A table and Tumblr Quotes.

So let’s do a quick DIY, spruce up our work desk and ace those goals.

The GREEN - Find an empty glass bottle, fill it with water and place a money plant root in it. The water and love is all it takes for it to grow beautifully. 

I planted mine in an empty whiskey bottle with the label still on, to remind me where it originated from. However if being a plant parent isn’t your thing, go for a cute artificial flower pot or just use a glass bottles and place some fairy lights in them.

THE PENS - A pen emergency is always around the corner, so always be equipped. 

A couple of 'inspire yourself', 'seize the day' pencils'; a yellow and green marker; multiple pens; a stray crayon here and there. Don't know why, it just looks pretty. All of these aesthetically placed to the mood in a quirky pen stand. You pick your colors, pick em wisely.

THE LIST ARMY - There can never be enough notes. There can never be enough paper to note. A sticky note set which finds its place on the laptop. A to do list which goes wherever I go. Where everything from work to groceries to Netflix shows missed are noted. A diary for all the doodling. 

My most important/creative writing happens on the sticky notes. Weird. I know.

THE QUOTE - It's mandatory for the gram. To break the monotony of the same quote and save space from multiple frames. Ditch the frame.

Cut some papers in a size that suits the desk, Write your own motivation every day! You can hang them in a poloroid string or place them on small easel stands. 


THE MUNCHIES - Water and dairy mi...DRY FRUITS.

THE COMMITMENT - I really want to say throw in some Commitment and confetti, but just stick to lots of commitment. Clearing confetti is not as fun as sprinkling it.


There your work desk is ready. You can keep moving things around, adding and deleting depending on how you feel. Just make sure to make it a happy, fun space that you look forward to. Your work could be 9-5, your desk does not have to look 9-5.

Play with colors, create a sober nude look or go for a coloful joy, the desk is yours to play! But first you will need some COFFEE to pull this through.

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