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Things that my mom’s brother’s wife’s aunt thinks it’s okay to say

Sometimes a passing comment. Sometimes grave concern. Sometimes a question. But every single time you meet them, they always have something to say. They also always feel it’s okay to say.

Only if Mom wasn’t staring at me I would have given the passing comment a befitting reply. If only I would have also come up with an instant reply. Leave it to my mind to think of some kickass comebacks and host a comeback soiree hours later when it doesn’t matter. 

So, here are some of the statements that fall under “common praises relatives sing” universe!

  • 1-2-3-4…I Think you have increased atleast 5 kgs since I saw you a month ago
  • Your phone rings a lot no? Work or Boys
  • Aww look at you two in love!! It’s all temporary
  • That double chin – Tenu suit suit karda!
  • Good to know Girls are working at good posts, but khana banana is an important part being a girl, isn’t it?
  • You travel for a job? Husband allows?
  • Roti round bani kya?
  • This dress style you’re wearing suits a more petite body just like my guddi
  • Tick tick tick – I can hear your clock ticking
  • You’re just perfect, but roti round nahin bani kya?
  • Bra Strap chupa lo
  • Sit like a lady, Dress like a lady, Talk like a lady……like a lady, … a lady.
  • Shhhhh, women don’t laugh out loud!!

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