About Us - CardAffairs

Card Affairs is a unique and personalized gifting concept that was established in 2014.
We, at Card Affairs, believe in personalizing gifts and making them more personal rather than the recently developed ‘copy-paste’ tradition. We are bringing back the good ol’ times of hand-written cards and letters with personalized messages. From greeting cards, notebooks, mugs, planners, wedding invites, we are making your gifting experience more personal, bigger and better with every new product we come up with. Keeping different tastes in mind, you will find all sorts of quirky one-liners to emotional messages to Chandler Bing - like sarcasm on our products. Card Affairs is sure to bring the brightest smiles and the loudest laughter on your loved ones’ faces. Experience gifting with us, the best way.


The sheer magic of penning down your feelings on a piece of paper will never get old.  Card Affairs is one of the very few brands to have introduced ‘handwritten cards’ to the smartphone savvy generation in India. We obviously love our smart phones since they come with the convenient option to type and copy-paste our feelings. Oh, and let’s not forget the screenshot games. Our brand has a way with words, quite literally. Card Affairs is unapologetically and unabashedly old school when it comes to making your loved ones’ day better and brighter. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or weddings, or festivals, we offer gifting solutions for all the special occasions of your lives with a dash of spark and love. Card Affairs is making lives and gifting a piece of cake since 5 years now, and we’re only getting stronger by the day. Contact us for the best ideas on gifting and personalising.