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Who are we?

Saman & Sanchi

Est. 2014

Our communication struggle exists for as long as we humans have existed.  First, there was no connectivity because there were no phones. Then we had phones but was communicating easy? Nope. Not at all.

Can you imagine saying I love you to your partner with your entire family listening right behind you? So exciting was a phone call that the entire family gathered to hear what they were not supposed to hear. Wonder why we have communication problems.

And then to the rescue, there were greeting cards.  They made the heart grow fonder, the bond stronger, birthday wishes funnier and long-distance kinder. Somehow as we evolved from landlines to smartphones we could still not evolve our communication skills. We had all these things to say but we couldn’t because now we were savvy and our greetings were not so Savvy. It became easier to share memes online, tag friends, and move on. Our communication skills got a little better but now we started losing the personal touch. And honestly, can you imagine saying, you’re the love of my life to your partner, through a meme? There had to be a better way.

Anddd to the rescue – Card Affairs!

Nothing different than greeting cards, but still so different from greeting cards.

We’re savvy, saucy, and sappy!

We’re a range of emotions in greeting cards brought to you by Saman and Sanchi. Two best friends who struggled with staying in touch, expressing, and mostly communicating. So we work hard to unlearn our old inexpressive selves and bring out the best of what we got. We’re funny, edgy, witty, and mostly always on point with things that you’d love to say to those who you love. Our greeting cards are pretty much us and pretty much you too.

From spreading birthday cheer to cheering your loved ones we do cards with our twisted thoughts. 

Adding that personal touch to your relationships is so important, being yourself is so important, sending out the right emotions are important too! Our greeting cards make it super easy for you. We hope they do.

If you are emotionally expressive then you’re just like Saman. She has got the creative edge to put it on paper with a virtual treat for the eyes.

And if you love expressing feelings differently, Sanchi is your match. Her twisted approach to greetings and feelings is spot on.

But together they’re bold, lively, and spirited. Just as Card Affairs is!